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No Man"s Land (Locate on the map »)

Airsoft event, organised by airsoft club C.A.T Bjelovar, play time: 24h, more info soon.

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The year is 2030, after five years of war between NATO and the newly formed rebel group called the "liberators of the world," a fragile peace was established, and a frontline between the warring parties has been formed. A piece of land remained in the middle on which both sides claim their right and both regularly deploy their troops onthat territory. During a recent test flight, a NATO transport plane was shot down in this "No Man's Land". Thepilot managed to eject, but he is now lost in the swampy part of "No Man's Land". Both warring sides are keen on securing the downed pilot and capture the valuable cargo the plane was carrying.

Country: Croatia


Available Operations : Edit datas - Request destruction of this mark