Airsoft MAP is an open airsoft map, where users can add or display all good spots to practice Airsoft anywhere in Europe : teams, retailers and coming events.

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3triple7 airsoft team is non violent, non political, non religious, non paramilitary group.

We are all about Airsoft and the fun that comes with it.

Airsoft is a combat simulation sport in which 2 teams compete.
Airsofters use scale 1:1 replicas of real weapons
These replica's are called AEG's or Automatic Electric Guns.
The "fire" power is provided by 6 mm biologic degradable balls, also known as BB's.

Airsoft is legal in e.g. Belgium. It's a sport that is played in the entire world.
Airsoft weapons are freely obtainable non-firearms according to the Belgian Gun Law. (more information)

If you have any questions, you can always contact Vipone

Country: Belgique


Type: Team

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